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Einen interessanten Artikel über Hintergründe zu S21 gibt es von Spiegelfechter

Not my president!

openssl 1.0

Yay, openssl 1.0 has been released!

openssl 1.0

Optimize Firefox startup times

I did some research on my prolonged firefox startup time and alas I found something cool:

Vacuum your Firefox databases

Basically you have to do the following:

  • Install sqlite3:
    sudo apt-get install sqlite3
  • Vacuum your Firefox DBs:
    find ~/.mozilla/firefox -name "*.sqlite" -exec sqlite3 \{\} VACUUM \;
  • Reindex your Firefox DBs:
    find ~/.mozilla/firefox -name "*.sqlite" -exec sqlite3 \{\} REINDEX \;

Bug in hsolinkcontrol...

I stumbled over a bug in hsolinkcontrol, which also seems to be reported in this pharscape forum post

Bug description:

  • Ubuntu 9.04, with NO(!) resolvconf package installed
  • hsolink 1.0.118 package
  • HSOconnect 1.2.18 beta
  • /etc/resolv.conf is saved to /etc/resolv.conf.hsoc%s.tmp
  • the permissions of the created /etc/resolv.conf.hsoc%s.tmp file are 660 and root:root
  • when the saved /etc/resolv.conf.hsoc%s.tmp is moved back to /etc/resolv.conf, this file also gets the 660 permissions
  • after that, only root can read /etc/resolv.conf
  • the effect is, that DNS resolution does not work except when you are root
  • installing resolvconf will work around this issue

This can probably be easily fixed, by making sure that the /etc/resolv.conf.hsoc%s.tmp has the same permissions as the original /etc/resolv.conf file. Since installing the resolvconf package makes the bug go away, I did not fix the source, but just sent a notice to the author.